What is Tricorigen®?

Tricorigen® is the first solution that prevents and treats both thinning hair and complete hair loss. The line is made up of a mixture of ingredients including plant stem cells which aid in the reduction of hair loss. The use of specific techniques alongside the Tricorigen® line, especially on the scalp, is one of the concrete answers to balding – preventing the continuation of hair loss and also favoring the natural regrowth of healthier, stronger hair.


Who is Tricorigen® for?

Tricorigen® is for everyone. Young or old, male or female, hair or no hair. The Tricorigen® line can be used on its own, or in addition to an SMP procedure. It is a great solution for those who are looking to combat hair loss, but may not be ready to commit to the micropigmentation procedure.
Micropigmentation Certification patient picture

A combination of essential oils and natural active proteins, bringing back the physiologic balance of the hair bulb and the dermal layer of skin.

Guarantees a quick recovery for worn out and weak hair. RigenCream protects and nourishes hair substantially increasing natural density and shine.

A painless, essential tool that aids in the absorption of Rigen+ active ingredients. RigenRoller uses the innovative microneedling technique to increase hair growth and stimulate the natural self-repairing ability of the skin.

Rigen+ anti-loss solution acts in collaboration with natural active components to regenerate the hair bulb, extend the hair growing phase, and slow down hair loss.

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A simple routine with life-changing results